Canvas paintings for  sales
Who uses it: Cecily and David Produc; their children, Xander, 9, and Tenzin, 5; and their guests
What happens here: Cecily uses the upper level as an office. Xander likes to do tasks and homework here. The particular family hosts parties in the space, which also serves as a visitor house.
Location: Mill Area, Ca
Size: 910 square feet (85 square meters)
Designer: Zeitgeist Sonoma





Once the structure was built, the Zeitgeist Sonoma design team came in to help the family define the space. “It was a beautiful shell, ” states Jessica Wichmann, interior designer at Zeitgeist Sonoma. “We wanted to respect the

structures and make it a cohesive environment where they support one another and show the other off. ” Additionally they wanted to honor and acknowledge the fact that the studio sits in a redwood grove.

The Canvas paintings for  sales  has a garage area and music room on the lower level.
The doorway opens to a huge room that includes a bedroom loft, office, kitchen, seats area and bathroom (not shown). Wichmann designed the lighting, from overhead to task lighting, to support the multiple functions.

At the back of the studio, an in-place step ladder leads to the sleeping loft area. A skylight above the bed offers grand views of the nature over head. “My husband and I actually have even had our own ‘nights away’ from time to time, enjoying the

peace and peaceful of the bright room and view of the redwood trees after waking up, ” Cecily says.